Fassisi BoTick

Fassisi BoTick - is this tick a health hazard?

Test now the new Fassisi BoTick


Qualitative rapid test for direct detection of Borrelia (B. garinii, B. afzellii, B. burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. spielmanii) in ticks.


What is new?

With the optimized test strips of the version 2013 and the new test cassette, a higher sensitivity can be achieved with the new Fassisi BoTick. Thanks to the new sample tube crushing the tick is even easier. In the completely revised leaflet you will find valuable tips for test execution and the interpretation of the test results.


The practical packaging of 5 tests allows an easy resale directly to your customers.


The easy protocol for testing of small ticks

Benefits of the Fassisi BoTick:

  • Easy on-site usage; Results are available within a few minutes
  • Reliable detection of Borrelia (B. garinii, B. afzelii, B. burgdorferi sensu stricto, B. spielmanii) directly in the tick
  • Test procedure possible for all sizes of ticks
  • Easy handling and hygienic test execution
  • All necessary components to perform the test are included in the test kit
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Long shelf life


Fassisi BoTick Tests Benefits

Prevent a Lyme disease!

Why makes a direct testing of the tick sense?
Immediately after removing the tick it can be tested with the Fassisi BoTick if the tick is a carrier of Borrelia bacteria.


What happened when a positive test result appears?
Borrelia antigens were detected in the tick. A transmission of Borrelia may have occurred. A close observation of the animal is necessary.


Typical symptoms show up after a few days
If after a few days, typical symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, fever or lameness are observed, a therapy may be initiated without delay.


Significant increase in treatment success
The faster a therapy was started, the greater are the chances of recovery.