03. August 2022
CantiCheck Plus - Only vaccinate when needed
“Vaccinate as many dogs as possible but only as often as needed” “Vaccinate as many dogs as possible but only as often as needed” - that’s the motto of leading veterinary associations such as the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). Vaccines continue to be life-savers for people and animals. Vaccinating as many dogs as possible is essential to reach the so-called herd immunity: in order to avoid epidemics, we should aim for the highest possible vaccination coverage of...
22. June 2022
Fassisi has 3 new products in its portfolio!
Fassisi CantiCheck Plus, Fassisi BoDia + Gia and Fassisi BoDia Plus - Detailed information on the individual products will follow shortly.
21. June 2022
07-09/07/2022 Stand: Hall 2 G14
03. November 2021
Meet us at the following Trade Shows: London Vet Show, 11-12/11/2021 Medica Düssseldorf, 15-18/11/2021 Vet-Congress Berlin, 19-20/11/2021
26. April 2021
The independent study evaluated the quality and practicability of four point-of-care tests for the detection of anti-CPV antibodies. Specificity was the most significant indicator since the detection is used to show the specific immune status of an adult dog. If antibodies are present, unnecessary vaccinations can be avoided. A total of 241 dog sera were tested. Virus neutralization was used as the reference method. Due to its specificity of 98% and ease of performance, the CanTiCheck test...
18. December 2020
Fassisi has moved to new premises! Our new home is now at Marie-Curie-Strasse 8, 37079 Goettingen, Germany.
28. September 2020
We are proud to annouce that Fassisi is now also certified according to ISO9001:2015.
24. January 2020
Test for the detection of Dirofilaria immitis antigens, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, antibodies, Ehrlichia canis antibodies and Leishmania antibodies in dogs.
24. January 2020
Test to detect Anaplasma phagocytophilum, antibodies, Borrelia burgdorferi antibodies and Erlichia canis antibodies in dogs.
28. November 2019
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