Quality management

The Fassisi test systems are manufactured according to strict quality and specification standards. This is ensured by an audited and comprehensive quality management system, which is designed according to the requirements of the German Animal Disease Act and the German Pharmaceutical Law. All our products in Germany are validated and registered by the German Federal Research Institute for Animal Health. 


The Fassisi GmbH manufactures its products according to the guidelines of the GMP. This guarantee the quality "Made in Germany".


Our quality management lives! It is developing steadily along with the continued development of our company, which also includes new areas.


Each step in the development of Fassisi normally brings along a serious expansion in our quality management. New challenges in the production and development also mean new challenges for our quality management system. New validation procedures, qualifications and the expansion of the risk management led to the continuous expansion and consolidation of our ambitious quality standards.

Our goal is to ensure a consistent level of quality and integrity of all our products to offer the highest level of quality to our global customers and to realize a risk minimization.


The quality of our rapid test systems is our top priority. We are committed to continuously improve them and include current research and technological results to further improve the Fassisi standards. We also realize this with good relationships to our suppliers and to keep an impeccable and well-arranged quality management to manage the Fassisi according to these principles.


Our quality system is based on the guidelines and basic ideas of the Good Manufacturing Practice. As manufacturer Fassisi has built up a documentation system which is based on specifications, manufacturing specifications, processing and packaging instructions, operating procedures and records covering the various manufacturing processes. The documents are kept clear, accurate and up to date. Our entire production is conducted according to these guidelines and subjected to the current GMP requirements. Our vision is to contribute with our innovative rapid test systems to the international animal health.


All of our rapid test systems are subjected to the specifications of the quality management system, no matter under what law they would fall worldwide. In addition to our strict approval process, all products that fall under the German Epizootic diseases act, also are registered and approved by the German authorities. An additional external batch release by the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute is required for each batch.