Dogs, Cats

Fassisi GiarDia

On-site test for the detection of Giardia duodenalis in feces of dogs and cats

  • Direct antigen detection in feces of dogs or cats
  • Test results within 10 minutes
  • With innovative latex technology for easy to read test results
  • Hygienic test protocol
  • All necessary components are included in the test kit
  • Storage at room temperature

Due to a new coupling technique based on latex particles, the test results are available in a few minutes in a deep blue, which makes the test easier and more accurate to read. Even low concentrations of Giardia cysts are clearly recognized, which enables a fast and reliable detection of Giardia duodenalis (Syn. G. intestinalis, G. lamblia) antigens in feces of dogs and cats.

  Sensitivity Specificity
GiarDia  96,00%  97,22%

The new generation in the detection of Giardia with latex technology. 

Test Protocol

Further information:

Further information about the detected pathogens and sources can be found here.