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Fassisi Corona

Fassisi Parvo and Corona Single Tests
Fassisi Parvo and Corona Single Tests

The rapid test for detection corona virus in dogs and cats.

For the easy and fast on-site detection of infections with corona virus in feces of dogs or cats.


Infections with coronavirus are common diseases in dogs and cats. Early testing should be performed at the first suspicion. The canine coronavirus (CCV) is widespread in the dog populations and can cause i.a. an intestinal inflammation in dogs. Its significance as pathogen is rather low and it only rarely leads to death. 


Feline coronavirus (FCoV) is an important virus in cats and it is very similar to the causative agent of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Recent studies have shown that isolates represent the feline infectious peritonitis virus recombinants from the canine corona virus and feline coronavirus.


Since both the canine coronavirus (CCV) and feline coronavirus (FCoV)  match in 99% of their DNA structure (genome), with the Fassisi Corona a test could be developed with which the detection of coronavirus in dogs and cats is possible.


As infections with Parvovirus and Coronavirus may cause similar symptoms, a simultaneous detection of both pathogens is recommended, like with the Fassisi ParCo, to support a specific treatment.


Benefits of the Fassisi Parvo:

  • Easy on-site usage; Results are available within in a few minutes
  • Direct antigen detection in feces of dogs or cats
  • Detection of CCV / FCoV
  • Easy and hygienic test execution 
  • All necessary components to perform the test are included in the test kit
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Long shelf life


Short instruction of the Fassisi Parvo:

Further information:

Further information about the detected pathogens and sources can be found here.