Fassisi CanDis

Fassisi CanDis
Fassisi CanDis

The rapid test for detection of Canine Distemper Viruses in dogs.


For easy and fast on-site detection of canine distemper virus antigens in eye- and nose-smears of dogs.


The Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) is a morbillivirus and belongs to the paramyxovirus family, the causative agent of canine distemper. An infection with CDV occurs mostly by direct contact with already infected animals. The virus is excreted through feces and secretions and can still be contagious for several days after excretion. The incubation period lasts 3-6 days. In the environment, the virus is active only over a relatively short period of time due to the UV radiation and the pH values of the soil. The symptoms mainly affect the respiratory system and digestive tract. Signs of infection with the CDV can be purulent ocular and nasal discharge, sores as well as coughing, breathing difficulties, vomiting and diarrhea. Moreover, emaciation, convulsions, seizures, motor and sensory disturbances can be observed frequently. Canine distemper has still a great clinical importance of infectious diseases of the dog. Despite regular vaccination an increase of canine distemper cases has been observed across Europe. The best protection against CDV provides an early and consistent immunization by the veterinarian. 


In suspected cases of canine distemper, by the use of  the Fassisi CanDis the attending veterinarian has a reliable detection of pathogens in eye and nasal smears available.


Benefits of the Fassisi CanDis:

  • Easy on-site usage; Results are available within a few minutes
  • Direct antigen detection through eye- and nose-swabs
  • Easy handling and hygienic test execution
  • All components to perform the test are included in the test kit
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Long shelf life