Fassisi FeLV


The rapid test to detect FeLV antigens in blood of cats

  • Can be used directly without any equipment
  • Economical screening test for serum, plasma and wholeblood of cats
  • Easy on-site usage
  • All items required are included in the testkit
  • Storage at 15 – 30 degrees
  • FeLV: sensitivity 94,59%, specificity 99,99%
Fassisi FeLV Test for Cats
Further Informations about Fassisi FeLV tests for cats


The Fassisi FeLV Test is a rapid immunochromatographic test that detects an inner body protein of the feline leukemia virus (p27) in whole blood, serum and plasma. This test does not detect antibodies, it directly detects a part of the virus.

However, the test is not only useful to identify an existing disease. It can also be used before vaccinations to exclude a disease and to make the right decision about a vaccination.


The positive predictive rating of the Fassisi FELV test is very high. *

*False positive results are very unlikely, it can be assumed with a high degree of certainty that a positive result is due to an infection by the feline leukemia virus.