Fassisi FeLFIV

The rapid test for the detection of FIV antibodies and FeLV antigens in cats

  • Highest sensitivity and specificity due to the Fassisi-Tag
  • Easy on-site usage; Test results available within 10 minutes
  • Parallel, cost-effective detection and screening and differentiation of FeLV and FIV
  • Applicable for serum, plasma and whole-blood
  • Easy handling and hygienic test performance
  • All components to conduct the test are included in the test kit
  • Long shelf life
  • Storage at room temperature

Now with the Fassisi-tag for highest test performance.

Due to the test setup of the Fassisi FeLFIV test as a double antigen sandwich and the additional use of Fassisi-Tag technology, the specificity and sensitivity of Fassisi FeLFIV could be further improved. Especially, the detection of antibodies against the FIV virus is optimized and the interpretation of the test results is simplified.


Easy test protocol:



The tests in the Fassisi FeLFIV test are also available as single tests Fassisi FIV and Fassisi FeLV.


Further information:

Further information about the detected pathogens and sources can be found here.