Fassisi TetaCheck

Fassisi TetaCheck
Fassisi TetaCheck

For on-site control of the tetatnus antibody titer in horses


Qualitative rapid test for the determination of the vaccination status of tetanus (> 0.1 IU / ml) in serum or whole blood.


Remark: Due to its unique double-antigen sandwich setup an additional use in small animal and human could be possible.



The Fassisi TetaCheck is used to check the tetanus-antibody-titer in whole blood and serum of horses.


The cause of a tetanus infection normally is an injury. Wounds do not have to be open, because also small and not visible lesions can be dangerous and can cause an infection. The infection of the wound is caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. When contaminants get under the skin, such as spores usually in combination with foreign bodies, it leads to the production of toxins. The course of disease goes from convulsions of the striated muscles up to respiratory paralysis and is very agonizing for the animal. This almost always ends fatal. The only effective way to prevent a tetanus infection is a preventive vaccination. Through a rigorous and systematic vaccination program, starting from the first months of life, one can achieve the highest possible protection against a tetanus infection.


With the help of an active titer control, veterinarians have the possibility to check the existing antibody protection within a few  minutes directly on-site to support an efficient vaccination program. Through this improved possibility to narrow down the proper point of time for a vaccination, severe vaccine reactions can be reduced.


Other areas of application for an active vaccination control:

  • Immediately on-site at medium and serious injuries
  • For the control of the tetanus titer in equine clinics
  • In breeding or at sports events
  • Before dental treatments


Benefits of the Fassisi TetaCheck:

  • shows within a few minutes whether a sufficient protective antibody is present (> 0,1 IU / ml)
  • can be applied directly on-site
  • can be performed without any special laboratory knowledge
  • the use helps to reduce serious vaccine reactions
  • requires only the components provided with the test kit
  • the use allows a better estimation of the individual point of time for a vaccination

* According WHO-Standard


Short instruction of the Fassisi TetaCheck: