Origin name

Quelle: www.weltchronik.de
Quelle: www.weltchronik.de

Our company name "Fassisi" is a made-up word. It refers to the founder of the Christian Franciscan Order "Francis of Assisi", who is still regarded as the patron saint of animals and the environment.

1182 Francis was actually Giovanni Bernardo, born as the son of a wealthy merchant family in Assisi. After a battle he was captured and became seriously ill. When he returned to his family in 1203, he had become a different person and finally took off to do good.

Francis of Assisi lived in forests or in monasteries and was delighted by nature. He loved the flowers, plants and especially the animals.

As an itinerant preacher Francis of Assisi came to Dalmatia, France and Spain. There many monasteries were founded already in his lifetime, in which he announced among other things always the respectful interaction between people, animals and nature.

Shortly before his death (1226), poor and nearly blind, he wrote one last eulogy. In that he calls on all people to love and care for the Creation and all its creatures - plants and animals -.

In the center of our company philosophy the ideas of Francis of Assisi can also be found. As a company in the field of veterinary diagnostics and environmental analysis, we want to contribute our part to allow the animals, the nature and man, in the spirit of sustainability, to gain a higher quality of life.