Fassisi, Society for Veterinary Diagnostics and environmental analysis was founded in late 2006 as a spin off.  Fassisi is a brand manufacturer of innovative rapid diagnostic test with its development department, working in the veterinary field for large and small animals.


Fassisi focuses on the development and design of sensitive, high quality and easy to use on-site diagnostic rapid test systems.


One aim of Fassisi is the establishment of inexpensive and easy to use rapid test technology in the veterinary field to give practitioners a tool, to carry out diagnosis out on-site without great loss of time.


For all Fassisi products both, the certified and validated quality of rapid test systems, as well as an easy-handling of products for the end user, are in the center of attention.


The Fassisi GmbH with its team is based in Goettingen, in the biotechnology park Science Park III.