Commission work

Tailored to your needs - Our contract development

Fassissi in-house development
Fassissi in-house development
Fassissi in-house production
Fassissi in-house production
Individual labeling of your tests
Individual labeling of your tests

We develop validated lateral flowtest systems that fit your needs.

  • For a simple and fast on-site application anywhere
  • Contract development according to your requirements
    (e.g. screening tests, accompanying treatments)
  • Detection of e.g. antigens, antibodies, and hormones. Marking particles: among others gold, latex, other nanoparticles
  • Experience with a range of sample materials:
    e.g. faeces, blood, urine, nasal swabs, digested blood, dust
  • Network of scientific partners to handle
    issues that are more complex
  • One contact person – from development up to serial production
Structure of a lateral flow test
Structure of a lateral flow test

Your benefits

Our rapid test systems impress with their:

  • Effective on-site application
    • Ease of use
    • Hygienic execution
    • Test results within a few minutes
  • Validated quality
    • Evaluations with real field samples
    • Production according to GMP guidelines
  • Practical handling
    • Robust test cassettes
    • Storage at room temperature
    • Long-shelf life
Operating principle of the Fassissi-Tag
Operating principle of the Fassissi-Tag

The latest technology for your rapid test

We work with a special platform strategy, which allows us to develop individual rapid test systems. Your advantage: The custom- made lateral flow test by Fassissi helps you to save time.


Along with prestigious partners, we developed the Fassissi-Tag, a special marker which is based on the patented strep-tag technology. This guarantees the highest sensitivity and specificity possible in order to reach reliable results.


For more information about the Fassisi-Tag click here.

technology for your rapid test
Functionality of the Fassissi-Tag

Validated commission work at Fassisi

Fassisi, a company based in Göttingen in the heart of Germany, is a specialist for veterinary diagnostic rapid test systems to detect a whole range of common animal diseases. Thanks to modern laboratory equipment, we develop test systems that are easy to handle while providing precise results. When developing new rapid tests, we focus on the needs of our customers. Indeed, one of our specialties is tailor-made veterinary test systems. From the development in our company’s laboratories to the series production of the developed veterinary test systems, their labelling and packaging, all steps are carried out in-house.


Commission work for customized veterinary test systems

You cannot find the test that suits your needs in our existing range of rapid tests? You are missing an additional instrument for a screening test? No problem! Contact us and discuss your idea with us. We on our side want to continuously develop our range of veterinary test systems for various large and small animal diseases. This is another reason why tailor-made veterinary test systems are one of our focal points of work. We are able to carry out all steps required for a new antibody, antigen or hormone test for livestock, dogs and cats in-house on our company’s premises. This means, distances are short, and the development of testing systems is efficient.


Our range of veterinary test systems

The possibilities we offer cover antigen, antibody and hormone tests for small and large animals. Also Aptamer based tests will also be available shortly. The most common farm animal and pet diseases can already be detected quickly and precisely with the respective rapid test system in our assortment. Our range of veterinary test strips is constantly growing. We also offer our customers commission work specially tailored to their needs. Close coordination with our clients during every phase of the test development is a matter of course.


Your advantages of commissioning us to develop new veterinary test systems

We use innovative and highly sensible lateral flow test systems that are suitable for a wide range of sample materials such as feces, urine and blood – depending on the test to be conducted. When developing new veterinary tests, we rely on an international network of scientific partners. This results in rapid tests that are precisely and easy to use, that can be used on site without laboratory equipment and that provide reliable test results within minutes.

Our tests are developed in our own laboratories in constant compliance with international quality standards and are also tested in the field. You receive validated test systems from us, which support you in veterinary examinations and treatments and provide reliable results.


Whether we produce standard test kits or special custom-made test kits, all our immune-chromatic test systems consist of four segments: the sample pad, the conjugate pad, the reaction matrix and an absorbent pad. Depending on the parameter for the detection particles, we use different marking particles such as gold, latex or other nanoparticles . The choice depends on the particular necessity.

The test systems are housed in robust test cassettes to enable reliable analysis of samples even under difficult testing conditions. The tests can be stored at room temperature for a long time.


Lateral flow tests already developed by us are available either directly from us or from veterinary wholesales. We supply you directly with customised test systems that you commissioned.